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Model No :Meco Solar Module Analyzer

MECO “SOLAR MODULE ANALYZER (Photovoltaic I-V Curve Tester) Model 9009” MECO offer Solar Module Analyzer, Model – 9009 The MECO solar panel analyzer is used for the professional testing and maintenance of Solar panels and modules. In addition to maintenance and installation of solar panels, the Solar panel analyzer can be used in efficiency of various cells in solar panels. The portability of this device means that it is also useful in quality assurance at various stages on the production line and can be taken from one location to another. When used in the installation of solar panels, solar panel analyzer assists in determining the proper inverter size as well as optimum power output position of panels and helps to identify defective cells or panels that have worn out over time. The solar panel analyzer also provides the user with current and voltage (I-V) test curves, maximum solar power as well as current and voltage. Solar cell efficiencies are also easily determined using the unit. RS232C to USB Cable for PC Interfacing to get test results which can be saved and downloaded for later analysis using the application software that is supplied with the portable solar panel analyzer.


▶I-V Curve Test for Solar Panel / Module.
▶Max. Solar Panel / Module Power (Pmax) search by Auto Scan Capability : 60V and 12A.
▶Best Resolution : 1mV, 1mA.
▶Manual Single Point I-V Test.
▶Max. Voltage (Vmaxp) at Pmax.
▶Max. Current (Imaxp) at Pmax.
▶Voltage at Open Circuit (Vopen).
▶Current at Short Circuit (Ishort).
▶I-V Curve with Cursor.
▶Efficiency (%) Calculation of Solar PaneI.
▶Real time data logging.
▶RS232C (to USB Bridge) Cable for PC.
Model No :Meco Solar System Analyzer


▶I-V Curve Test for Solar System.
▶Max. Solar System Power (Pmax) search by Auto Scan Capability : 1000V and 12A.
▶Max. Voltage (Vmaxp) and Max. Current (Imaxp) at Pmax.
▶Voltage at Open Circuit (Vopen), Current at Short Circuit (Ishort).
▶Temperature Measurement of Solar Panels, Irradiance measurement of Sunlight and series resistance (Rs) calculation of Solar Panels.
▶Real time data logging with Built-in Calendar Clock.
▶Efficiency (%) Calculation of Solar Panel with Parameters Entry.
▶Conversion of IN Curve under OPC to Data under Standard Test Condition (STC) based upon IEC Standard.
▶Provide Operating Condition (OPC) and Standard Test Condition (STC) Test Reports.
▶With Optional Power Clamp (Solar 15 and Solar 21) Measure / Record DC Power Output of Solar System and AC Power Output of Inverter (1 Phase or Balanced 3 Phase); Calculate efficiency of DC to AC Power coversion and Max. Power.
▶Rechargeable Lithium Battery, Low Battery Warning.
▶USB Cable for PC.



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