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  • KESSEL Grease Separators Self Disposal: "SE-Premium"

The self-disposal system is ideal for all areas where smaller quantities of sludge and grease are created, particularly where access for a disposal truck is limited (for example mountain huts, ships, etc.) or where it is not possible to install a disposal line. Grease separator systems for self-disposal are disposed of at least twice a week as necessary. Grease and sludge are released into small collection tanks via manually-operated valves. These small tanks are then collected by delivery vehicles for recycling. In contrast to conventional separators the SE model grease separators do not require a disposal vehicle.
Self-disposal has important benefits
The separate disposal of grease and sludge in standard 60 liter plastic barrels can significantly reduce the disposal costs compared to conventional grease separators because the wastewater (approx. 90 % of the total volume) remains in the separator. Valuable drinking water is saved because no water is required to flush, clean or refill the separator during disposal.
The newly designed self-disposal grease separator “SE-Premium” in compliance with EN 1825, DIN 4040 and CJ/T 295-2008 stands out in particular thanks to its operating friendliness. The electrical heating elements in the separator, with a mixer motor, homogenises the layer of grease and allows the grease to be drained easily into the collection tank. This disposal process can be carried out even during times of kitchen operation meaning no interruption of the kitchen is required. In addition to the enlarged settling sludge disposal, the “SE-Premium” also has a floating sludge disposal. This means that, for the first time, it is possible to dispose of the floating sludge (vegetables, etc.) from the tank that has until now remained permanently in the separator.
A further benefit for the operator of the grease separators is its installation versatility. The separator, which is available in the nominal sizes 2, 4, 7 and 10 (other sizes available on request), can be adapted perfectly to the local construction situation thanks to its modular structure. Wall installations and also corner installations are possible. This makes the “SE-Premium” the premium grease separator among the self-disposal units!

Professional Advantages:

No disposal truck required:- Disposal of waste into standardized 60 liter storage tanks.
Simple and fast installation:- Thanks to the low weight and straightforward KESSEL fastening technology, the round-design grease separator system can easily be dismantled to minimum component size, allowing it to be set up in rooms with only very narrow access.
Multiple set-up options:- Newly designed separators offer multiple set-up options for easy on-site installation. Each separator can be custom assembled on-site to best match on-site room requirements (for example for wall installation - 180 degree assembly, interior corners - 90 degree assembly or exterior corners - 270 degree assembly).
Micro-Bubble option:- Automated compressor injects micro air bubbles into separator tank for high efficiency grease separation.
No operational interruptions:- Grease separator can remain in operation during disposal.
Floating and settling sludge disposal standard:

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